Be Bear Smart

Be Bear Smart

Things you should know about bears…
Each year in British Columbia, nearly 950 black bears and 50 grizzly bears are destroyed due to conflicts between people and bears. But you can reduce this number by doing the following to bear-proof your home…

Do you have Bear Sense?

If you see a bear…

Remain calm: don’t panic
Keep away from the bear and bring children and pets indoors
Never approach the bear and do not run from it
Warn others of the bear’s presence without yelling
Once the bear has left, check your yard to ensure there are no attractants available 

If the bear is threatening…
Call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277 or your local police. For more information on being BEAR SMART check out the following website:

The following items attract bears and should be properly managed:

Garbage and Compost

Keep your garbage in the house, garage or shed until pickup day. Ensure your bins are properly sealed. Regularly wash all recycling items and clean the bins that contain garbage or recycling. Freeze pungent wastes until pickup day. Don’t throw cooking oil or grease outside.
Never leave garbage bags, regardless of what’s in them, in your yard. Don’t leave food or garbage in the back of your pickup truck – not even one with a canopy.
Don’t store food in outdoor freezers.
Don’t leave coolers or other items that may contain food smells in your yard.
Don’t add salmon, fish, meat products, or cooked foods to your compost or gardens.
Turn your compost regularly and keep it covered. If your compost stinks, you’re doing something wrong.

Barbeques and Smokers

Clean your BBQ grill after each use Store covered in a secure area

Pet Food and Bird Feed

Bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spillage
Store pet food indoors
Use birdfeeders only in winter. Keep ground free of seeds.

Remember: Anything that attracts dogs, cats or birds will also attract bears!
In BC it is an offence to feed or leave attractants available to dangerous wildlife.

Bears are motivated by hunger not malice. The problem is ours.