Granisle Internet Service

Village of Granisle Internet was started in 2006 with a goal to provide a reliable Internet service to the residents of Granisle. Since the launch, our Service has grown to be reliable and dependable. We thrive to maintain this standard as we continue to enhance this service for our customers. In 2012, grant funding was received to enable the expansion of the Internet Service to provide coverage to Regional District (Area G) Residents.

Major grant funding from multiple sources was received in 2015 which allowed the Village of Granisle to perform upgrades to the system which were completed over the next two years. One of the key items was to secure fibre optics to the community allowing for a significant band width increase. This increased the speed and band width available to our customers. We now provide a maximum of 25 mgs download speed and 5 mgs upload speed. We have built a 150′ tower in Byron Circle which has allowed us to reach difficult areas of the community to serve wirelessly. In addition we have enhanced our services to Regional District residents with upgrades to our East Tower.

As well, we have created Hot Spots at a number of our local campgrounds. We can now provide internet to Babine Lodge, Coopdogg’s Resort, Lion’s Beach Campground and New Beach Campground.

Clients have the ability to receive email, online banking, download Netflix, etc. We strive to provide excellent customer service with a quality product.

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