Granisle Provincial Investment Profile

The Village of Granisle was originally established as a mining community on the Shore of Babine Lake, the largest natural lake in British Columbia, that has unsurpassed beauty, and is now predominately a retirement and may one day become partly a mining community again. There is great opportunity in Granisle for investment, the village has a housing surplus, a strong and reliable water supply, three phase power, a heavy duty paved highway to HWY 16 and some large buildings that could be used for a wide variety of business purposes. Granisle represents a great opportunity for innovative small business initiatives that have a product whose cost to market is not a large percentage of its overall value. There is a potential labour force in local surrounding communities who are well educated. A rural setting in a somewhat remote area does present some challenges in terms of supply and shipping however there are also benefits such as close proximity to the work place for workers, a great place for wilderness recreation, and great place to raise children. Granisle is a unique opportunity for a small company whose leadership enjoys thinking outside of the box and is seeking a rural lifestyle and wishes to escape the rat race.

Communities Nearby

Burns Lake (104 km)
Houston (86 km)
Lake Babine Nation (105 km)
Moricetown Band (103 km)
Smithers (77 km)
Telkwa (74 km)
Tl’azt’en Nation (105 km)
Ts’il Kaz Koh First Nation (104 km)
Wet’suwet’en First Nation (90 km)

Closest Major Centre

Prince George (326 km)

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