Water Conservation Plan

Why Does Granisle Want to Conserve Water?
This may surprise you but the average Canadian uses 329L of fresh water per day! Therefore, the Village, residentially, is using enough water to fill an Olympic size pool every two days. This equates to approximately 15 pools a month! The Village of Granisle has adopted the Provincial Living Water Smart Plan and by 2020 the Village strives to become 33% more efficient with its residential water use and 50% more efficient with municipal use. By reducing your water usage it will help the Village become more sustainable and reduce water treatment costs in the future. Conserving water will inevitably maintain or reduce your current water utility bill! Clean, fresh water is an important part of everyone’s life, including the plants and animals we share the region with. We want to conserve water in order to sustain these beautiful ecosystems that surround us and to ensure future generations will experience the same awe and wonder we all feel when we look out our windows at the beautiful Babine Lake!

How Can We Help You?
The Village of Granisle has designed a variety of educational and incentive programs to help make conserving water easy. Our education programs will provide information regarding tips & tricks of saving water at home as well as water wise irrigation demonstrations and training for those concerned about their outdoor water usage. Our incentive programs offer rebates for switching to water efficient toilets, washers, faucets, shower heads, and even for purchasing rain barrels to supplement your outdoor watering regime.

Toilet Replacement Program
Reduce up to 70% of your toilet water usage by converting to a more efficient product! This program provides a one time rebate to a maximum of $100 to residents of the community choosing to upgrade their current low-efficiency toilets to high efficiency models (4.8-6L/ flush). 

Water Efficient Appliances Program
You can reduce your laundry water usage by approximately 40% when you convert to a new energy efficient washing machine. The Village of Granisle makes it easy to upgrade by offering this efficient appliance program that provides a one-time rebate of a maximum of $100 to residents of the community choosing to upgrade their old clothes washer with an approved ENERGY STAR appliance!

Fixture Retrofit/ Replacement
Not ready to commit to a new washer or toilet, how about make a few smaller adjustments to your daily routines. The Faucet & Shower Head Replacement Program is perfect for you! Replacing an inefficient shower head can help you save up to 142 L of water per 15mm shower! It provides residents with a one-time rebate of a maximum of $50 in order to replace inefficient fixtures within their homes. Choosing approved WaterSense fixtures and claiming mul tiple receipts per application, allows you to take full advantage of this program.

Rain Barrel Program
Looking for ways to save water outside? Water use can increase up to 50% during the growing season. In the Village area, from June to September, a 200L rain barrel could be filled approximately 25 times! This is a great opportunity to use rain water for gardening and yard maintenance purposes. The Village offers residents a one-time maximum $75 rebate to purchase and use a rain barrel to supplement their outdoor watering regime!

Need More Information? The full rebate application package and guidelines are available on our website here, and in the office! Please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or come visit us in the office! We will be happy to assist you!

Water Conservation Plan – Implementation & Administration Plan
Water Conservation Plan Application Form